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How to Use Pain to Motivate You – Being an entrepreneur has incredible highs, but it also has low points. In this video, I talk about how to use fear and

Daily Routines of Successful Entrepreneurs

I just finished reading a couple articles on habits and routines of successful entrepreneurs. You can find a couple good articles from Fast Company and Inc.

The 6 F’s of Goal Setting – Goal Setting Tips: Want to have the best year ever? Make sure you set goals in each category of your life. Here are

Happy in Paris

Try This Instead: Learn to Set the Bar LOW

We’ve all heard these pep talks before… “Expect more out of yourself!” “Be all you can be!” “Good enough is never good enough!” “Set the

Steven Cox Life Lessons

44 Life Lessons on my Birthday

A couple weeks ago, I grew another year wiser. It was the big 44! I don’t know if you’ve experienced this where, one day, you

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