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The Confidence Loop

I was chatting with a young employee over a beer the other day and we started talking about confidence and its importance. Here is a

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Design Life. Drive Life.

Drive life. Say Yes more often. Challenge your barriers. Be comfortable outside your comfort zone. But, don’t just drive life. Design it. Design your outcome.

Quote by Susan Butcher

Goals: Winning at the Little Things

At the end of each quarter, I take a detailed look at my yearly goals to see how I’m progressing against them. Sometimes I’m ahead

Finding Your Passion

“I was a fidgety and noisy child. All my school reports said that I couldn’t concentrate and that I was always distracting the rest of

Keep Running

I just got back from a five mile run along San Diego’s waterfront. The sun was out, the skies clear, and The Chemical Brothers blasted

Wag More, Bark Less

Recently, I’ve started noticing these stickers everywhere. They remind me of a great piece of life advice John Assaraf recently shared with me, encouraging me

A 6th Anniversary Toast, to TakeLessons!

“So, I’d like to raise this toast to honor not only those who came before us, but to celebrate you. And whether you’ve been here, six years, six months, or six days, this is now YOUR story. YOUR company. YOUR journey. And the past won’t hold a pittance to where we’re going to go together.”

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