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Entrepreneur, San Diego, CA

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What I Believe

I aspire to these principles:

Do No Harm

In the quest for growth, competition, building, and winning, I will strive to do no harm to others, and remember to leave people and the environment in a better place than when I was there.

Spend My Time Thoughtfully

Each day, I'm trading my life for what I am working on. Make sure the exchange adds value. Once my time is spent, I cannot get it back. Spend it wisely.

Love, Protect, Give

It’s a lonely world if I’m the only one succeeding. I am committed to making the lives better for my family and my true, close friends through exchanging love, protecting their interests, and giving of my time.

5 Areas of Health

Without health, everything else seems pale. Thus, I seek a multi-dimensional strategy to stay healthy in all areas of my life: physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and financial.


Sure, it’s easy for me to work hard, but playing and having fun is just as important. In doing so, I get to create incredible experiences with incredible people.


What I have realized is that contribution to others and contribution to my planet is an incredible gift that I get to give. And in turn, I am fulfilled as well.


Steven’s Mission

My life purpose is to live fully and have incredible experiences with incredible people and to use my talents in a way that makes a positive lasting difference on people and my environment. Over time, what has become obvious to me is that the value of life is not in what I own, but who I love, and what I experience; My intention is to uplift others and help bring more opportunity to those that may have the will, but may not have the means.

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