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Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make – Hire Right

Here's a good article from Neil Patel (co-founder of KISSMetrics). He interviewed a few successful entrepreneurs that had built businesses worth at least $50 million

Congrats on the great job. Now, back to work.

…As we continue to expand, I encourage you to master your current position and begin to prepare yourself – at work and on your own watch – for the position you want to grow into. It will be those who continue to require more of themselves who will be the ones that naturally rise up. Will it be you?

How to Set Goals : My 2009 Goals

I'm a big goal-setter. My junior year of high school, I got sick of being fat, never going on dates, and being cut from the

Self Growth

Working on yourself like clay should be one of your greatest and most pleasurable life tasks. It makes you, in essence, an artist. An artist

The Reason We Form Companies

"The reason that a group of people get together and exist as an institution that we call a company is so that they are able

Staying Motivated

I keep track of all of my goals and look at them daily. At the bottom of my goal sheet, I have the following reminders

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