Wag More, Bark Less

Wag more

Recently, I’ve started noticing these stickers everywhere. They remind me of a great piece of life advice John Assaraf recently shared with me, encouraging me to make a shift in how I spend my time. A thread runs through this simple sticker and John Assaraf’s words: simply put, spend more time pursuing your passions than you spend toiling on tasks you despise and you will enjoy a higher quality of life. By pursuing things you’re passionate about, you end up working faster and smarter towards its achievement. It also is simply less stressful.

I got a little curious about where these cool stickers are coming from, and I came across CloudStar.com. Cloud Star makes natural dog treats and hypoallergenic grooming products for dogs. They also give at least 10% of what they make to non-profit organizations because they believe “doing good business should include doing good things for others”. I think this little sticker just got cooler.

1 thought on “Wag More, Bark Less”

  1. Very true! Whatever gets our attention is our true priority. If we aren’t putting that attention on the pursuit of our passions, we aren’t giving our passions the priority they deserve in our lives. We cheat ourselves of the living the lives we deserve when we put prioritize the chores over the passions.
    Sometimes, though, a chore we don’t want to do goes smoother if we remind ourselves it will benefit our long term goals. Today I tackled a chore I’d been procrastinating because it was not directly on target with my passions but contributes to my passions. Changing my perspective on the chore made it go more smoothly and helped me stay upbeat even though it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

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