Daily Routines of Successful Entrepreneurs

I just finished reading a couple articles on habits and routines of successful entrepreneurs. You can find a couple good articles from Fast Company and Inc.

As Brian Tracy says, successful people learn how to set up routines that empower them.

Brian Tracy Successful Routine

I thought I’d share with you my own routine that helps me hit the ground running and stay pumped throughout the day.

  • I get up between 5:30 and 5:45am.
  • Fix a cappuccino (as a side note: I highly suggest you buy a fully automated espresso machine instead of going to Starbucks each day. You save time and money.)
  • Spend 15-20 minutes in meditation. It has been an incredible force for good in my life. Meditation helps me stay focused, humble, and be grateful for my blessings. With all the pressure of trying to become better each day, meditation helps me live in the present while still chasing the bigger dream of tomorrow.

Learn how to meditate

  • Exercise by either running, working out, or swimming. I work to get 4-5 days in a week. Most of the time, I take my dog (a German Shepherd) running with me in San Diego’s famous Balboa Park.
  • I then come home, check the stock market (I am a stock investor), and check to see if there are any critical emails that need answered.
  • All this is done by 7:15am
  • By 7:45 I’m ready for breakfast, which consists of egg white omelet with vegetables and avocado. I normally put hummus on top and drink orange juice. This good balance of healthy food, body exercise, and mind exercise gets me ready for the work day between 8:15 and 8:30.
  • At work, I have a couple key concepts:

(1) I plan my day the night before. As I wrap up the prior day, I move all my unfinished tasks to another day (or get rid of them if they turn out not to be important). I also find the 2-3 most important things I need to do tomorrow, and block out time to do them.

(2) Prioritize Tasks. All my tasks are marked with either an A, B, or C priority. My simple rule is that I never work on a B if there are A’s, and I never look at the C priorities if there are A’s or B’s to do.

This routine helps me plan for success and focus on the most critical things needed to keep growing.

What morning routine helps you?

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