Women, Men, and Communication

We are social animals. Thus, we have an absolute need to communicate. Communication connects us, identifies us to our species, and makes up whole.

People split up because they simply stop talking to each other. Being that we crave communication, when a person is not getting it, they automatically seek it somewhere else. Once it starts becoming fulfilled, the person will gravitate towards where he or she is getting their needs met.

I think this is an area where women and men see sex differently. I’m generalizing here, but women see sex as a way of communication – deep communication with her mate. Men see it as something else. I cannot verbalize it right now, but it’s certainly not about deep communication and connection – at least not in the beginning stages (or when us guys are younger).

It takes us a while to get there.

And in the interim, there’s a strong chance that communication breaks down in the process.

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