The Value of Staying Curious. Building your CQ (Curiosity Quotient).

I’ve really come to appreciate the value being curious, where curiosity is defined as a state of mind where one is interested in the how, why, what, when, or where of an event or statement.

Curiosity allows us to challenge ourselves, challenge what we’re being told, see if things make sense (vs. blind acceptance), and make breakthrough’s that we would never even consider before. By giving ourselves the permission to dig a little deeper and feed our minds, it helps us discover new passions in ourselves and new delights in others.

Staying Curious in Business

In business, staying curious is more than a good habit. It’s critical to your success. A good way to practice curiosity is to do zero-based thinking.

What that means is taking a look at a problem or situation without the shackles of your current perception. Approach the challenge this way. Ask yourself,

“If I had not made the decision I did, and I knew then what I know today, would I still make the decision again?”

If the answer is no, then step away and see how you can unwind. There is no credit for climbing a ladder if it’s leaning against the wrong wall.

Curiosity in Personal Life

In your personal life, over the long term, staying curious is one of the key components to keeping your mind young, vibrant, sharp, and in shape. And if your mind is in shape, it’s much easier to improve your quality of life over the long term.

Try it out for a couple weeks. Do things purposely to build your CQ (curiosity quotient).

  • Order a different beverage at Starbucks
  • Go to the local coffee house instead of Starbucks
  • Go a new route to work
  • Work on displaying an emotion that has become dormant
  • Surprise your significant other and shake things up
  • Ask why
  • Ask why not
  • Ask a co-worker to respectfully challenge you on something
  • Become aware of your beliefs, then ask if they are still valid

The great Bob Dylan put it this way

“He who isn’t busy being born each day is busy dying”

Bob Dylan I Can't Sing

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog. I fully believe this! Thank you for the reminder. I especially love the part about “Become aware of your beliefs then ask if they are still valid.” It is a question everyone should ask themselves regularly. (Love the BD pic!)

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