The Journey…

Here’s an opening quote from Steven Gary Blank, taken from his book, “The Four Steps to the Epiphany“:

“All new companies and new products begin with an almost mythological vision – a hope of what could be, with a goal that few others can see. It’s this bright and burning vision that differentiates the entrepreneur from big company CEO’s and startups from existing businesses. Founding entrepreneurs are out to prove that their vision and business are real and not some hallucination; to succeed, they must abandon the status quo and strike out on what appears to be a new path, often shrouded in uncertainty. Obstacles, hardships, and disaster lie ahead, and their journey to success tests more than financial resources. It tests their stamina, agility, and the limits of courage.”

True, very true. What I’m finding is that although the path seems empty, there are a lot of other people walking (running, more like it) on the path. None of us are alone – and the road’s been traveled before.

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