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I get a lot of satisfaction by working on things that make a positive, lasting impact. There’s a ton of ways to make money, so I figure why not make a living doing something that creates value for people. This concept has been echoed by my company to where the company philosophies are similar to my own.

At TakeLessons we are truly dedicated to building a company we can be proud of – a company that does good for those we serve, our employees, and those that took a risk with us by investing their money. As a result of hard work, we get amazing TakeLessons reviews from our students and teachers all the time. Receiving a rave review or a five-star rating for TakeLessons always makes my day because it shows me that our work makes a positive impact on the world.

We get a ton of feedback from our users – most of it good, and sometimes things we need to work on (we’re certainly not perfect). Here, I’d like to share a few special messages from some of our students and teachers.

From Students

Subject: Stellar Teacher: TakeLessons Reviews on Chrissy

I have been working with Chrissy for some time now. I have enjoyed every minute of it. My skills have improved dramatically and this is due to her diligence and outstanding teaching skills and attitude. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone that asked more for a teacher. Please pass these kudos on to her and note her record accordingly.


Dave M, TakeLessons Student in Henderson, NV

Subject: I Love Joshua! TakeLessons Review from Scott B.


I love Joshua! He is perfect for me and what I need. Specifically, Joshua has met me where I am in terms of my skills and experience. I am a more advanced student than Joshua typically gets. Instead of teaching me skills and songs segments, which I have done with other teachers, he focused on teaching me and playing with me! We plugged into his amps, created a rhythm track and jammed together. I have since put a pickup in my acoustic guitar and am practicing more effectively at home now. I love working with Joshua!

Scott B., student in San Diego, CA.

Subject: My Son Enjoyed Every Minute! TakeLessons Review from Molly K.

I wanted to let you know that Eli had his first drum lesson with teacher Sheldon. I cannot express to you how impressed I was.Eli tends to have focus trouble due to his cerebral palsy and he was so focused and enjoyed every minute of his lesson. Teacher Sheldon was fantastic at working with him showing him and getting him involved in the lesson and learning. I am just so excited to see how the next one goes.I just thought you’d like to know.

Molly K, Student in Lawrenceburg, IN

Subject:My Son’s Lessons: TakeLessons Review from Juline H

Al is a wonderful teacher, My son is having a really
great time taking lessons. It’s more repetitious than he anticipated and
harder than he thought it would be, however he is as adamant as ever to keep
pushing through and still loves to play the guitar. Thank you guys very
much for helping my son have this opportunity!

Juline H, Student in Peoria, AZ


From Teachers

Subject: You Gave Me Hope: TakeLessons Review from Alkesis B.

I absolutely loved the webinar you held yesterday! I thought you were great at conducting such a clear and informative hour, that kept my attention the entire time. I told my wife yesterday how excited I was to work with your company! I’m honestly pretty skeptical after several horrible experiences with other companies. All of them owe me anywhere from one to five thousand dollars for lessons I taught that I am still waiting to get paid for. That is honestly the only reason I’ve left other companies that I spent one to five years contracting for in the decades I’ve taught lessons. So what I’m trying to say is you gave me hope :)I appreciate your time and attention and I look forward to working with you!

Aleksis B, TakeLessons Teacher in Germantown, MD


Subject: Appreciate the Support: TakeLessons Review from Rusty R.

My Note: This teacher had a death in the family and we worked with him to reschedule his lessons for that day. This was his response.

I want you to know how much I appreciate your help, concern and support. I will resume teaching this Friday with my student Alex, and move forward. It has always impressed me that in the worst of times,  it brings out the best in people,  and although due to the miles we’ve only talked by phone, your kindness and empathy will not be forgotten.My sincerest thanks once again.

Rusty R, TakeLessons Teacher in Memphis, TN

Subject: Student Accolade: TakeLessons Review from Katrina D.

I just wanted to let you know that my student, Jonathan A, auditioned for Celia Cruz High School of Music in the Bronx this evening. He sang the National Anthem and played Minuet in G, Mozart, on the guitar. He was asked to sight read on both instruments as well.

He did such a great job that the string teacher pulled him aside afterwards and let him know unofficially that he wants Jonathan in his string section and was willing to fight the choral department for him. I am sure this does not happen often (a teacher stepping off-stage to unofficially welcome an auditioning student), and am so very impressed that he did so well and will most likely be accepted to the high school beginning next September.

It is always wonderful working with young children, and seeing their hard work pay off. Jonathan met with me earlier today and seemed a little less confident than usual as his audition loomed over him. As a teacher, it is important to know when to pick on the little things and when to pump your students up – and today was a little bit of each, and more of the latter.

I thought you might want to hear about this wonderful benchmark in Jonathan’s musical career, probably one of the first of many great experiences that will shape him as a musician, and see how Takelessons has had a part in his growth.

Katrina D, TakeLessons Teacher in Bronx, NY


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