TakeLessons featured in San Diego Union Tribune Sunday Edition

The Union Tribune ran a story on young web start-ups in San Diego and what they are doing to make the most out of the recession. TakeLessons was a featured company.

Steven Cox of TakeLessons.com

"The company started working out of Cox's house. It now has offices,
but not the $700 Aeron chairs that typified the excesses of the first
dot-com wave.

“Our plan is to preserve cash,” Cox said. “We work at tables that cost $20 at Staples.”

Cox said his business is growing, but he suspects growth would be faster in a better economy.

“Anyone who says they're not affected by the recession has their head
in the sand,” Cox said. “But if you're agile, quick and can preserve
your cash, there can be advantages.”

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