TakeLessons.com gets a little shout out from USA Today for Online Marketplaces.

Happy to see TakeLessons mentioned in Michael Wolf’s article on how new companies are disrupting Craigslist (which, in turn, have disrupted newspapers). In the article, Wolf discusses how the new breed of vertical marketplaces are able to gain traction by providing value greater than a listing.

Our general thesis is that the next generation of marketplaces will provide a deeper product offering to both sides of the marketplace – providing safety and ease of use for a consumer, while helping independent professionals and businesses find customers and manage their lives better through an integrated toolset.

Yelp has taken great strides to provide local reviews, and we think the next turn for services will include Yelp + Open Table + Square +a scheduling system all in one easy package.

Consumer services make up over half of the US economy, so it will be a big deal when more consumers start and complete their service purchase through technology. I think the wave is just beginning.


Evolution of Services on the Web


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