TakeLessons and Learning Care Group, Inc. Give Families Something to Sing About | Wanna Play Music

TakeLessons and Learning Care Group, Inc. Give Families Something to Sing About | Wanna Play Music.

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A new collaboration between Learning Care Group and TakeLessons
is opening up opportunties for kids ages 5-12 to take music lessons–a
much-needed service considering recent drastic school budget cuts.

Learning Care Group, the second largest for-profit early education
and child care provider in North America, and TakeLessons, America’s
premier private music lessons company, will provide kids a chance to
participate in school or in-home music lessons in  over 75 participating
Learning Care Group, Inc. schools, including The Children’s Courtyard,
Childtime Learning Centers, La Petite Academy and Tutor Time Child
Care/Learning Centers.

Whether music students want to be the next American Idol, be a
real-life guitar hero or become the modern-day Mozart, they will have
the opportunity to foster these skills. Beginning Sept. 1, TakeLessons
Certified Instructors will be providing voice lessons, guitar lessons, and piano lessons
in locations including Austin, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix,
San Antonio and Seattle with plans to expand into other locations.

“We recognize there is an artist inside of everyone,” said Steven
, TakeLessons’ Founder and CEO. “The opportunity to take music
lessons at an early age not only equips children with music skills, but
also with self confidence and a higher likelihood of academic success.”

“Research continues to demonstrate a strong correlation between
quality music learning programs and academic achievement,” said Amy
Hellebuyck, marketing communications manager for Learning Care Group,
Inc. “Our partnership with TakeLessons is one more way we inspire and
impact lifelong learning for our students.”

Top Three Benefits of TakeLessons Leraning Programs:

1. Safety First: Instructors are interviewed by professional
recruiting specialists before they are hired. Criminal background checks
are conducted annually.

2. Talented Teachers: Music instructors are selected based on
educational and professional backgrounds. Many have played with famous
musicians, been on television and still perform live.

3. Comprehensive User Experience: Personal online accounts assist
parents and students with goal setting, scheduling, lesson tracking,
payments and more.

For more information about these new programs, please contact:

Tutor Time: 877-356-6434 www.takelessons.com/tutor-time

Childtime: 877-356-6436 www.takelessons.com/childtime

The Children’s Courtyard: 877-356-6425 www.takelessons.com/childrens-courtyard

La Petite Academy: 877-356-6438 www.takelessons.com/la-petite

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