Steven Answers Article in Union Tribune on School Budget Cuts

On behalf of students and parents in the State of California, we ask the school board to carefull review their Plan B decision to cut the arts out of schools.

We all want kids that are successful in school and well-prepared for the workforce. Learning and playing music starts kids on the right path to success – both from a social and educational point of view.

Scientific studies have shown that kids taking music growing up have higher self-esteem, get in fewer fights, and show less signs of racism than their peers. They are four times more likely to win academic achievement awards, and three times more likely to be recognized for school attendance.

Music and the arts help prepare kids for the workforce. By studying music while growing up, our young leaders learn effective communication, problem solving skills, and cooperation at work. Those who go on to college end up scoring on their SAT tests 63 points higher on the verbal and 44 points higher on the math portion of the test.

(More information on the benefits of music for kids can be found at

It is important that the citizens of San Diego let our school board know that we appreciate their efforts to do what is necessary to balance the budget. But cutting music programs is not the answer. We encourage the board to keep looking for alternative solutions.

Steven Cox
CEO and Founder

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