Downtown San Diego

San Diego – One of America’s Most Innovative Cities

Ahhh, San Diego.

I’ve been a resident for over 15 years now and, hands down, the place rocks – both on the quality-of-life spectrum and the boundless opportunity.

Recently, Inc. magazined ranked San Diego as top city for innovation. The city ranked #1 for patents in telecommunications and patents in golf (yes, we work hard and play hard).

Wireless Hub: Sparked by Qualcomm’s founding there in 1985, San Diego now hosts some 800 telecom companies.

On the Green: San Diego is also No. 1 for patents on “games using a tangible projectile,” which typically means golf. More than 30 golf-equipment manufacturers, including TaylorMade and Callaway, have set up shop in the sunny locale, home to Torrey Pines and about 90 other golf courses.

Downtown San Diego
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In addition to the patents in telecom and sports, San Diego also has standout innovation activity in diverse areas such as cyber security, defense technologies, bioinformatics, life sciences, genomics, clean tech, and consumer internet. All of these top industries have aided to increase the number of good jobs in San Diego.

The city’s leaders are also focused on a high quality of life and eco-sustainability, which continues to help San Diego reinvent itself as a hub of innovation. In fact, 5 of the largest 15 companies located in downtown San Diego are now tech companies.

San Diego will always have beautiful beaches and bronzed bodies. Now, we can also add hot startups, really smart talent, and an entrepreneurial ‘can-do’ attitude to that list. San Diego isn’t only “America’s Finest City,” it’s an emerging tech hub.

Steven Cox
Proud San Diego Resident


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