Raise Your Game

Raising Your Game

This month is an incredibly busy month for the team at TakeLessons. You can feel the added focus and pressure to get out a major software release on time. Here’s a note I sent to my peeps today. I thought it might encourage you to raise your game as well…

Raise Your Game

Can you feel it?

This month, there’s a lot of pressure.

A lot of stress.

A lot of BOLD initiatives winding up towards a release.

A GIANT release in just two weeks.

Just like a world-class athlete, you’re probably feeling the pressure of pushing past your comfort zone and into a realm of pain.

Mounting task items… Mounting tickets… Mounting deadlines.

And it’s painful.

It’s irritating.

And It’s uncomfortable.

Right now, when we feel this way, we have two choices.

We can coast and miss our deliverables, miss the busy buying season, settle for mediocre performance, and release something short of what we’re capable of.

Or we can reach inside, get centered, stay calm and collected, focus on First Things First, and commit to raising our game.

And raising our game is what it takes to be world-class.Raising our game is what is required.

It’s required to win.

To pave our way.

To control our own destiny.

Raising our game is what we need to do for our customers. They want it.

Raising our game is what we need to do to build our own skill set. We should expect it out of each other.

So I’m committing to raising my game this month and doing my part to deliver an exceptional outcome on this next release.

Join me in recommitting this month to pushing past the pain, requiring more out of ourselves, finding a way to get it done, and bettering ourselves in the process.

Two weeks – we have the biggest product release in our history.

You’re making history – and that is never easy –  but outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens.


1 thought on “Raising Your Game”

  1. I hear your pain ~

    I’m at a crossroads myself trying to figure out how to navigate through building a career in Writing.

    So much is new to me – so much to learn about social media and getting yourself “branded” and set up out there in the worldwide web. It’s a new game today – in some ways easier than in the past given the technological tools we have at our disposal, yet still challenging & a bit daunting to those born before 1980!

    The words you use to describe the process sound a lot like birthing a child:
    –> feeling the pressure of pushing past your comfort zone
    –> it’s painful
    –> It’s irritating
    –> It’s uncomfortable
    –> winding up towards a release – A GIANT release

    That’s the price one must pay to take on the challenge of achieving Excellence ~
    So “Onward Christian Soldiers”, I say ~ Let’s Keep On Truckin’ til we “hit paydirt”!

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