Never Graduate From Kindergarten

IStock_000005322871XSmall I'm fortunate enough to have smart advisors for TakeLessons. They've been motivational and have kicked my ass to think at a higher level and become a smarter business person.

In addition to all the business advice I get, sometimes a life lesson will shine through. These life lessons tend to be just as valuable as all the business stuff. I'm meeting two advisors, Jordan Greenhall and Tom Siegel this friday to go over a few things. Here is the conversation:


Jordan / Tom,

Can you get together with me this Friday morning for about an hour? I want to show you what the numbers look like, and get a final opinion on the options we should consider.

Jordan:  I could do 10:00 am

Tom: I'm available 10 or 11

Jordan: Scratch that – move to 11:00. I have a kindergarten event at 10.

Steven: Great, 11 at Tom's office

Tom: 11 AM works for me too. (Jordan, I thought you already graduated from kindergarten? 🙂

Jordan: If you are lucky, you never graduate from kindergarten.

Steven and Tom: Great line and perfect timing.


It was the perfect line for me yesterday. In all of the excitement, frustration, and worry of building a company and shouldering the responsibility of employees who rely on me, sometimes I forget to never graduate from kindergarten.

If you remember back when you were that age, the world was new and making friends was as easy as smiling at girl with the crayons. Recess was rejuvenating, and there were no bad habits to break. So today, I'm going to go back to kindergarten. It's an important step to ensure that I never lose that innocent curiosity. never forget to play, and never forget that people matter more than anything else.

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