An Example of Letting Your Company Culture and Personality Shine Through

Our Marketing Manager, Jon Crim, sent me this video made by the nurses and staff of Middlesex Hospital. I can only imagine how difficult it might have been for the group to all get together to shoot this video in real time, but it's cool to see the personalities of the people shine through.

Although I've never been to Middlesex Hospital, and will probably never go, I have a greater trust in them now simply because I see there are people – real people who seem to care – behind the brand.

I wonder if we've done enough to help people see our mission, our values, and why we're in business. Probably not. This helps me see that I need to ensure that our customers and browsers see the peeps behind TakeLessons. At the end of the day, the brand is only as good as the people behind it. 

Worth a watch through about 5:00 minutes.


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