Adding Value to People

I was talking to a friend last night who was introducing me to a  friend of his. Here’s how he described him:

“Mike is an incredible human being. I want to be around him because he tries to add value to every interaction and to every person he can. I always feel better when I spend time with Mike.”

It got me thinking, “Do I do that? Do I purposely seek to add value?” And I couldn’t answer yes.

But I want to.

So, for November, my intention is going to be to consciously think at the beginning of an interaction, “How can I enrich this person and add value to their lives?” Even if it’s just a kind word or a smile, I’ll seek to add value.

Notice how this removes the thought, “How can they help me? or What’s in it for me?”. It puts the focus back where it belongs.


Seek to Add Value

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